A Trip to San Francisco

The Yellow Mountains and Evening Glow paintings

I left for San Francisco in June. My trip included taking a train to Chicago first, and then changing to another train which went to San Francisco. I thought that Chicago had a quite different atmosphere than NYC. The buildings I saw from the train looked more industrial, and there were many black people at […]

Solo Exhibition

The opening day for my solo exhibition was approaching. John and I frequently visited Chris at Dragon Gallery in Amagansett in order to organize my show in detail. Dragon Gallery was located on Main street, but it was a quiet street with just some houses on it. Lilly, Chris’s wife, was usually at their Nyack […]

A Limousine Ride

One day, I was on the way back home after spending a day in NYC. After I got off the train at East Hampton, I was planning to buy some food in a supermarket near the train station. Then a man who was just outside the station asked me if I needed a taxi. He […]

Water Mill, Long Island

John and I decided to visit John MacWhinnie at his house and we arranged to meet him one afternoon. MacWhinnie’s house was in Water Mill, a town between Bridgehampton and Southampton. It was summer and a very sunny day. After we got off the train at Southampton, we walked. We entered an area with extensive […]

My Paintings Sold

During the month of July, John received a phone call from Chris at Dragon Gallery. Chris had called to tell him that someone had just bought my watercolour painting that had been displayed at Dragon Gallery. It was a woman who had just walked by the gallery that bought it. She saw my interior painting […]

Painting on the Roof

In the meantime, I started to paint on the roof of the Marino Studio building. I think that the idea had probably come from what McDonald had suggested to me when I saw him at his apartment previously. When I mentioned to John about painting on the roof of the 37th Street building, he liked the […]