Chiho Yoshikawa

“The uniqueness of my art comes especially from my experiences of extensive travelling around the world. Constant exposure to different cultures and countless opportunities to readjust myself in new situations have continued to redefine my idea of life in general and the world around me. This continued after my arrival in Canada in 2006. The conflict between the Japanese culture of my origin and my many challenging new experiences eventually led to me developing a personal cultural criteria which enables me to better fit in in this modern age. My paintings express the accumulation of my thought process over my multiple life experiences.

I aim, through my paintings, to reveal new ideas and perspectives about cultural and political notions as well as the true meaning of human life.”

Chiho Yoshikawa describes her painting approach as a blend of her outer perception with her inner thoughts and emotions. This merge is evident in her idiosyncratic, intimate portrayals of the natural world.

Born in Japan in 1974, Chiho has travelled extensively in search of inspiration for her work. She has been exhibiting internationally for over 20 years and her work is in many private collections in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Europe.


Life in Japan and Ireland


Chiho first started to draw before she could talk. Her skills developed through extensive practice, both in school and at home, and her art career officially began in 1999 when she was living in Cork, Ireland. She is largely self-taught as a painter with influences from Van Gogh and other western artists.

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Sketching at Newtonbrook Creek

From Ireland to the World


Between 2001 and 2006, Chiho relocated to key art cities in France, the United States and the Netherlands. Through visiting galleries and sharing studios with seasoned artists, she saturated herself with styles and techniques of western and modern art. Her work developed further through short trips to Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Scandinavia and Western and Central Europe. 

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Developing Art Skills

During her journeys, she was constantly productive and her new creations from that time ranged from watercolour and comic drawing to oil and acrylic painting. She also experimented with the different styles of realism, abstraction, impressionism and expressionism. 

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Arrival in Canada 

2006 ~ Present

In 2006, she moved to Canada and soon she settled in Toronto. Inspired by the abundant nature in her neighbourhood, she started exclusively focusing on nature scenes as her subject matter. Following visits to a number of nature parks in Alberta, Quebec and Ontario (including Banff and Jasper National parks), she further developed her unique style of expressionism.

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Chiho at Easel with Seated Cat panting

Recent Activities 

In 2018, Chiho started to create artwork in digital format. Her new work is now available to collectors with limited edition prints in various mediums and sizes.

Her paintings have been noted for their vibrant colours, brisk brushstrokes and textural depth. Chiho exaggerates her tones and scale in service of a larger truth, which is her own personal depiction of reality. Within the boundaries of these painted, heightened worlds the light and colours move with the passion that came from the artist’s unique experience with the physical world around her.

Exhibit in Toronto

My Goal as an Artist

During the 2010s, Chiho has exhibited at Art Hamptons, Artexpo New York as well as local art galleries in Toronto. Also, her work is currently listed and can be purchased through the Artling.

For her, the act of painting is mainly a place and means of expressing her emotions and ideas from daily life. However, it is more than that, and it has a deeper meaning. She hopes to convey the importance of nature to as many people as possible, based on the various environmental problems which are emerging in our lives. Also, through her art, she wishes to question the public about various global problems, including equity and human rights. And those are her ultimate goals in her profession.

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My Life Story ~ Extraordinary Adventures 

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