How I Mastered Drawing

Drawing of Julia Roberts

I was continuously drawing all through my childhood. From then to adulthood, I spent a great amount of my free time drawing. I was not consciously trying to improve my drawing skills, but I just loved drawing. I started to draw when I was really small, probably around 2 or 3 years old. I remember […]

Why I Paint Landscapes

Mountain stream

I like to create artwork that has a lot in the composition and shows different aspects of the theme of the work. I used to paint more portraits, still lifes and city scenes than I do now as I have always painted or drawn whatever interests or inspires me. But, after arriving in Canada in […]

How the Other Artists Influenced My Work

Metropolitan Museum Rooftop painting

My work is usually determined or influenced by what is happening or how I am feeling in my everyday life. So, although I have been occasionally inspired by a number of people who work in the art field including designers, musicians, actors, models, athletes and directors, there aren’t any fine artists in particular who influenced […]

A Visit to Gucci Museum

Gucci bag

During my trip to Europe last summer, I had an opportunity to visit the Gucci Museum in Florence. It was not part of my plan to visit it, but I found that, on the map I had, it was very close to the area I was visiting. So, I decided to stop by. I’ve been […]

Why There are More Female Artists Now – The Shifting Position of Women in This Age

Gallery staff in front of the Kicking Horse River painting

Over a year ago, I read an article about the demographics in art today and the recognition received by male and female artists. I was shocked to find out that the acknowledgment of professional artists by the public and major art institutes is still quite unbalanced. The article pointed out: -51% of visual artists today […]

What I Discovered about Auguste Renoir’s Most Admired Paintings

Luncheon of the Boating Party by Auguste Renoir

I was visiting Quebec City on a long weekend last spring. It was my second time in Quebec City and the surrounding area. I really like its European atmosphere and the chance to stroll around the Petit-Champlain District, where art galleries, craft shops and gift shops align on the narrow cobblestone streets. I also enjoyed taking […]