Cleaning Job

I know that a cleaning job is not the best kind of job, and I don’t think I particularly liked the idea of cleaning as a regular job but I was content enough that I was able to work for an Irish company with Irish people. Also, I was quite happy with the working conditions. […]

A Guitar Class in Cork City

A Guitar Class While I was still attending the English school, I found a guitar class in Cork City. I had been interested in learning how to play guitar since I was in Japan. So, I decided to go to a music store to look at guitars. A female staff member kindly helped me chose […]

St. John’s Art College

My classmates at St. John’s College were nice and friendly. In the first lesson of the course, the teacher showed a number of slides of important paintings in art history and explained them. The next lesson was drawing. Our teacher put an old bicycle in the middle of the classroom and told us to draw […]