A Visit to Jasper National Park

The Athabasca River painting, Patricia Lake painting

We were finally approaching Jasper National Park. On the way, we stopped at some parks with nice rivers and trails, such as Athabasca Falls and others. There, some people looked at my sketchbook while I was sketching. We arrived at the town of Jasper in the evening. We drove up and down the main street […]

A Visit to Banff National Park

The Kicking Horse River paintings, Snow-Covered Ridge paintings, Mountains painting

Calgary We flew with West Jet and arrived in Calgary. We rented a car at the airport and headed for the city of Calgary. In Calgary, we walked around the city and I stopped to make some sketches from a bridge over Bow River. After that, we drove towards the town of Banff. As we […]

A Trip to San Francisco

The Yellow Mountains and Evening Glow paintings

I left for San Francisco in June. My trip included taking a train to Chicago first, and then changing to another train which went to San Francisco. I thought that Chicago had a quite different atmosphere than NYC. The buildings I saw from the train looked more industrial, and there were many black people at […]

Solo Exhibition

The Perpetual Lightning, Bryant Park, Plastic Pleasure, Domination by Morality paintings

The opening day for my solo exhibition was approaching. John and I frequently visited Chris at Dragon Gallery in Amagansett in order to organize my show in detail. Dragon Gallery was located on Main street, but it was a quiet street with just some houses on it. Lilly, Chris’s wife, was usually at their Nyack […]

Painting on the Roof

The Brooklyn Bridge and Bryant Park paintings

In the meantime, I started to paint on the roof of the Marino Studio building. I think that the idea had probably come from what McDonald had suggested to me when I saw him at his apartment previously. When I mentioned to John about painting on the roof of the 37th Street building, he liked the […]