Life with John in New York City

The Ducks and Swan in Lake painting and more

The Customers who Bought My Paintings John and I continued to go to the Metropolitan Museum to set up the stand. The first painting that was sold was the painting of  Youghal harbour in Cork.  A young man in his 20’s bought it. Next, I sold two other paintings. It was to two Japanese women […]

The Process of Selling My Paintings in front of the Metropolitan Museum

The Shoes and The Bedroom Interior paintings

One afternoon, probably on a weekend, I was sketching a street view in Manhattan from the penthouse at Marino studio. John walked in and saw me sketching. Later, he told me that, when he saw me sketching, he said to himself, “She is a genius” while biting his fingers lightly. And he thought he had […]

A Trip to Derry City

One day, Billy told me that he had been invited to come to see his brother who was living in Derry City in Northern Ireland. It is located right next to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Billy was my friend who I met in Cork City. We took a bus from Cork City, […]

A Trip to Quebec

The painting of Vineyard by Chiho

I took a one-week trip to Quebec by train to visit some places. It was in early September in 2009. I changed trains in Montreal. The train to Quebec City from Montreal was peaceful and comfortable and I felt like I was in France. I made some sketches on the train to Quebec City.   […]