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The art that Yoshikawa makes is founded on a semiotic essence and thus it brings with it very complex meanings. In her art, you can see the full force of the creative action painter paintings. A painting that is guided by the genius of instinct. A painting whose strong point is represented by strong gestural. 
What is most striking about Chiho’s paintings is the power of the expression of her feelings. A painting that contains emotions, screams and dramas whose philosophy originates in the mind of the artist. A mind that explores the infinite then brings back the extreme synthesis.


Salvatore Russo

Art Critic 

Wayne Baigent

I am captivated by the range of her talent. I rotate my growing collection so that I can spend equal time with each piece and enjoy them all. Her presentations are not static and my mind is exercised to appreciate an inner depth that makes the viewing a silent entry into a new world of my own. These paintings are “cerebral” and are “living” canvases. There is a story and it is yours in every painting.  As a retired “structural Engineer” I see unforced balance and the intuitive structural design that is inherent in her artwork most fascinating.

Wayne Baigent

Retired structural Engineer

You must have great concentration when looking at your paintings to be able to go into your landscapes yourself and to enjoy the beautiful colours and then to be able to experience the same kind of emotions and feelings you yourself once had been in those landscapes yourself! As I understand those paintings, they are natural. They depict nature from the inside, from your own feelings together with your understanding of the real essence of life. That’s why your paintings are truly YOUR paintings. They are unique in this very special way of the combination of skill, of personal feelings and of your admiration of nature…that is, of life!

Dolf Valenbreder

Independent Researcher & Observer/Anthropology/Art/SE Asian & Oceanic Art/Literature

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