Meeting a Young Japanese Fashion Designer and a Young Japanese Model

fashion designer

Paris was beautiful, but, after a while, I began to feel that the architecture in Paris was too decorative and I was getting tired of seeing it. There were two Japanese people who stayed in my hotel while I was there. One was a female fashion designer who seemed a little older than me and the other one was a young man who was a fashion model in Japan. I think that he said he was nineteen years old.

We all met in the fashion designer’s hotel room one night and we talked. The face of the boy was neutral, so first, I wasn’t completely sure if he was a boy or a girl. When I said that to him, he said that he did model as both, and he showed me a fashion magazine where he was dressed like a girl. I also showed them my paintings. Looking at the various styles of the paintings, the boy commented that it looked like I was searching for the right style.

fashion model

The designer was leaving the hotel that next morning, and the boy was leaving a few days later. He knocked on my door the night before he left the hotel and gave me some information about other hotels in Paris. It was because I had told him that I was looking for a better place to live. It seemed like he had also felt that the hotel we were staying in wasn’t so nice and he encouraged me to move somewhere better. We hugged and said goodbye.

It was a memorable moment to meet and spend time with Japanese people who were as art and fashion-conscious as me. What he had given me was a cut-out from a magazine that showed some B&Bs and hotels in Paris. I was interested in finding out more about them, but, because my mind was still on Hamid, I couldn’t leave the hotel at that time.

B&B Paris