My Paintings Sold

During the month of July, John received a phone call from Chris at Dragon Gallery. Chris had called to tell him that someone had just bought my watercolour painting that had been displayed at Dragon Gallery. It was a woman who had just walked by the gallery that bought it. She saw my interior painting and fell in love with it.

Chris said that he would like to buy another painting, which was the Derry City architectural painting, for himself. He told us that he had sold the interior painting for $600 and they would give me $1000 for the two paintings in total. On top of that, he said to John that they could arrange a solo exhibition at their new location in Amagansett on Long Island! When I heard that, I was so excited!

Dragon Gallery arranged my solo exhibition in the coming November. As John went to Long Island every once in a while, one day, he mentioned to me that he had seen John Macwhinnie, a well-known American artist. John McWhinnie lived in Water Mill near Southampton. John had talked to him and had told him about me. John told me that I could rent a space to live and work in his house.

Water Mill beach