A Sublet Uptown and a Hotel Room

A Sublet Uptown

John found an apartment for me uptown that was available to sublet for two weeks. It was for me to have a home and relax, even for a short while. It was a decent tall building and there was a security guard. The owner of the apartment was a young Korean woman and many residents there seemed to be Korean. It was a fresh feeling for me that I was able to have a shower every day and have every meal at my own place. I completed one abstract painting there. John visited me regularly and he once made eggplant parmesan for me for dinner.

At the end of the sublet, the Korean woman who we had rented from had an open sale of her furniture as she was moving out soon. Some Koreans came to see it. One of my paintings was there. “University Communication” was leaning against the wall on the floor in the living room. I left it there because I had just finished it. The young Koreans saw my painting and turned around and said to me with a smile “Nice!” After those two weeks, I moved back to Studio Marino.


A Hotel Room

a hotel in Manhattan

John also got me a hotel room every once in a while in order for me to rest and have a shower. It had been over four months since I started staying at Marino Studio and I had been craving my own private place to live. So, I liked that he let me do that. John had some money coming in from working for Loft 11 so I was able to have what I wanted a little more than before.

The hotel John always put me in was the one located quite close to Studio Marino and it was run by Chinese people. As I stayed there quite often, the staff members remembered us and they put me in the same room when it was available, which was most of the time.

The room I always stayed in was facing the street. And it seemed like there was a recording studio or something, where a musician was regularly practising near the hotel. From the building across the street, I would hear a local rock band practising the same song over and over again. I think my room was on the 6th or 7th floor and I heard that sound in the lower part of the building than where I was. It was a young female singer’s voice and a sound of drums that I always heard. I still remember her voice and the rhythm. Every time I heard the sound of the rock’n roll and sensed the passion and dedication of that upcoming artist, it made me feel like I really was in New York City.